Established in 2007, the Energy Division is an integral and founding part of the Energy, Environment and Water Research Centre (EEWRC) of the Cyprus Institute. The Division employs over 20 faculty members, researchers, administrative and technical staff and has attracted external funding of over €6m since 2010 from various national and European sources. The division works in three distinct, but heavily overlapping areas:

  1. Energy production from Renewable Energy Sources (primarily solar) and associated issues of energy storage and desalination
  2. Energy planning, technoeconomic studies and policy issues with primary focus on decarbonization
  3. Sustainable development in the Built Environment with a particular emphasis on energy efficiency.


The Energy Division strives to become the reference energy research organisation in Cyprus and the wider region, playing a prominent role in generating ground-breaking research, assisting policy makers in the wider region and envisages an emission-free world as soon as possible.