Linear Fresnel Collector (LFC)

The Linear Fresnel Collector (LFC) at the Cyprus Institute is the first prototype of its kind in Cyprus. It is integrated in the built environment and has been in operation since its completion in July 2016 under STS-MED project. It supplies heating and cooling to the Novel technology Laboratory (NTL) by utilising 288 tracking mirrors with a global area of 184 m2 reflecting direct solar radiation on a 32m long absorber using mineral oil as the Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF).  The HTF is heated up to 180°C and stored in a thermal storage unit of pressurised water in temperatures up to 145°C that ensures 2 hours of continuous operation for cooling in the summer or 4 hours of operation when the solar resource declines in the winter.

The LFC is a showcase that is used to promote locally and regionally the potential of the solar resource to reduce the energy needs of buildings in semi-arid climates. This kind of collector is also a perfect candidate for industrial heat applications requiring process heat ranging between 150°C and 400°C, responsible of 15% of global emissions. The collector has been the scope of several European funded projects and hosts visitors from different backgrounds and nationalities. An e-tour is available for remote visit as well as online lectures.