Thermal Energy Storage Lab (TESLAB)

Fig. The TESLAB molten salt (MS) TES. The principal steam lines of the 10kWth Rankine Cycle demonstrator plant which connect to the MS TES steam generator and superheater are also indicated.

The TESLAB was originally created for research in molten-salt thermal energy storage and, more specifically, allow for the development of ancillary hardware such as level sensors and heat exchangers, prior to being commissioned at the CyI CSP platform, PROTEAS. The 250 kWhth TES has been used to test the first Rankine cycle developed in-house by the ARES group.

Recent work includes an ERASMUS funded project for integrating solar-thermal technologies to a lab-scaled hydrogen production plant using steam reforming. Another current activity aims at raising the exergy of single-tank TES using innovative approaches such as the patent pending Method for Amplifying the Exergy of Thermoclines (MAX-T).