CyI has developed and continues to develop impressive by regional, and in certain cases by international, standards facilities and laboratories needed to pursue research in the field of Solar Energy Technologies (STE) and polygeneration research that is internationally competitive. These include the unique PROTEAS experimental Facility and its satellite labs (the TESLAB on Thermal Energy Storage, the Athalassa Heliostat Testing facility and the Steam Generation and the MED Desalinated Water Lab), but also the Linear Fresnel Facility in the main Athalassa Campus, as well as labs on Future Buildings’ Technologies and the Environmental Sensing Lab used for and by the SBE Group.

The largest research infrastructure in Cyprus, it is devoted to research, development and testing of Renewable Energy Solutions with emphasis on Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST), Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and thermal Desalination of Sea Water (DSW)… Read More

The first prototype of its kind in Cyprus, it is integrated in the built environment, suitable for flat roofs and able to provide space heating, cooling and industrial process heat… Read More

The TESLAB is a Lab for experiments in Thermal Energy Storage, allowing for the development of ancillary hardware such as level sensors and heat exchangers… Read More

It is an advanced heliostat testing facility with the objective to experimentally test heliostat performance and heliostat tracking, heliostat characterization etc… Read More

Laboratory to conduct experiments on MED desalination suitable for integrating at the PROTEAS infrastructure… Read More

Custom engineering design for converting the heat at PROTEAS to electricity and using it for other polygenerative outputs… Read More