Evgeny Votyakov

Associate Research Scientist in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Email: e.votyakov@cyi.ac.cy
Tel.: +357 22 208632

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Dr. Evgeny Votyakov is Associate Research Scientist at the Cyprus Institute. Previous working places: Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry, Moscow, USSR-Russia (Ph.D., 1995, statistical physics, lattice gas theory), Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin, Germany (1998-2003, statistical physics, microcanical thermodynamics), TU Ilmenau, Germany, (2004-2007, MHD) and University of Cyprus (2008-2012, MHD and CFD). Research Interests are condensed matter physics, statistical mechanics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), magnetohydrodynamics, chemical engineering, heat transfer, concentrated solar power.