Giandomenico Vurro

PhD Student / Graduate Research Assistant

Tel.: +357 22 208 700

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Giandomenico, after participating in the Graduate School Summer 2020 Internship Program at The Cyprus Institute, joined again the Institute as a PhD student in October 2021. He received his Bachelor Degree and Master of Science Degree in Building Engineering from Politecnico di Bari.

His Master Thesis was titled: ”Climate Change and Comfort in a Historical Building. Implementation of a Behavioral Stochastic Model of Occupants for Window Operation”, and it was the result of a collaboration between Politecnico di Bari and, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), in Trondheim, thanks to an ERASMUS+ scholarship. His Bachelor Thesis was titled: “Methodologies for Checking and Verifying the Acceptability of Results for Reinforced Concrete Structures”.