STEP - EW: Solar Thermal Production of Electricity and Water

The project’s objective was to build an experimental solar thermal cogeneration unit in Cyprus, based on a feasibility study already carried out by the Cyprus Institute for a similar pilot plant. The construction of the plant, named PROTEAS, confirmed the technical feasibility of the innovative idea of cogeneration of desalinated water and electricity by using concentrated solar energy on a small scale and realistic environmental and operating conditions.

The technology used in this project is extremely important, particularly for areas that are isolated from continental electricity networks and with limited water resources, such as the Mediterranean islands. The cogeneration units have the ability to reliably and consistently produce water and electricity according to specific needs. The construction and operation of the unit confirmed that the technology is mature enough to be commercially used and highlighterd potential needs in subsystems that need further development.


Contact Person:

Nicolas Jarraud
Tel.: +357 22 208 678


INTERREG Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013


  1. Electricity Authority of Cyprus
  2. Water Development Department
  3. Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (Diktyo Praxi)