Sustainable built environment

The Sustainable Built Environment Group at CYI promotes a human-centric vision of the built environment by developing approaches and solutions supporting the transition towards a resilient and sustainable built environment optimized for thriving communities. We adopt a holistic and human-centric research approach addressing energy efficiency, zero-energy buildings and neighbourhoods, RES integration in the built environment, and sustainable and resilient cities fostering climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Our research interest ranges from the indoor environmental quality (thermal comfort, visual comfort, and indoor air quality), occupant behaviour, building physics, energy conservation, model validation and calibration, to outdoor comfort and climate change impact assessment

Modelling and simulation of the energy performance of buildings and neighbourhoods, primarily using state-of-the-art dynamic energy simulation engines, evolutionary algorithms for multi-objective optimization and machine learning for explanatory and predictive purposes… Read More

Promoting an occupant-centric vision of the built environment by developing and deploying occupant behavioural modelling for building design and operation, which put humans into the loop… Read More

Cutting-edge sensing devises, enable the exploitation of the different components of the built environment offered by the newer scientific observations to monitor thermal and luminous variables and indoor air quality to characterize indoor building spaces and the urban environment… Read More

Tackling climate change impacts on the built environment by modelling, simulating and deploying climate adaptation and mitigation strategies supporting urban transition in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME) region… Read More