PROTEAS has a collection of different RES: A PV array of 30 kWp, a Battery Storage Bank of 50 kWh and a wind Turbine of 10 kW, in addition to a CSP capacity of 210 kW, a Molten Salt TES unit of 1.6 MWh, and two parabolic dishes with capacity of 10kWe and 45kWth each. All these technologies are currently interconnected in a micro-grid environment for hybridization and poly-generation studies.

This polygenerative system enable the simultaneous production of several commodities such as low and medium heat for space heating and cooling, intermediate heat for industrial uses, desalinated sea water, as well as electricity. All these allow the development of new research strands on electric vehicle deployment in isolated energy systems, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies, and green hydrogen production.