Modelling and Design

The expertise of the group in this area covers all the relevant aspects of modelling in relation to advanced RES systems. These include but are not limited to optical analysis using Monte Carlo ray tracing, conjugate heat transfer and thermal analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), acausal modelling, kinematic and dynamic simulations under static/dynamic/frequency response loads, stress analysis through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), etc. The above are of course used in conjunction with advanced Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software.

Moreover, the use of additive manufacturing through 3D printing is often employed for fast prototyping of designs, while the fully equipped CyI machine shop enables efficient implementation of bespoke experimental setups and fast realization of the designed concepts. These capabilities are not only used internally in the exploration and implementation of advanced RES system concepts, components and enabling technologies, but are also offered as services to other groups, originating from both, academia, and industry. The participation of the group in relevant European research projects (e.g. SFERA III and StoRIES) enables transnational access which makes it particularly easy for groups outside Cyprus to collaborate in research with CyI.


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