Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) – Desalinated Water (DSW)

The group is demonstrating and advancing the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of a small size Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) tower system concept which operates in a cogeneration configuration generating electricity and desalinated sea water (CSP-DSW concept). The CST system employs a novel, CyI-developed integrated solar receiver and thermal energy storage concept. These are integrated together and are operationally optimized via the thermal receiver/thermal energy storage (TES) subsystem of the CST tower.

CSP-DSW is the foundation concept for many of the technologies developed within the energy department and started with securing European Structural Funds to construct a prototype desalination unit that will be driven by solar-thermal power. The President of the Republic has chosen the CSP-DSW project to present as Cyprus’ major efforts in renewable energy at the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) summit convened in Paris (July 13th 2008). A comprehensive techno-economic feasibility study was conducted for the creation of a pilot (demonstration) plant that would utilize solar power technology and tested desalination methods in a more efficient and environmental-friendly combined thermodynamical cycle to simultaneously produce water and economically competitive electricity. This led to the construction of PROTEAS, used to further advance the concept, engineering and optimize the use of this technology. The third and final phase will see the deployment of the refined technology plants for heavy-load commercial operation.