Climate change mitigation and adaptation

The Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Group of the Energy Department aims at tackling climate change impacts on the built environment by modeling, simulating and deploying climate adaptation and mitigation strategies supporting urban transition in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME) region.

It uses computational tools to simulate the thermal and energy behaviour of buildings and neighbourhoods to mitigate their greenhouse gas  emissions and the microclimate in urban environment to support the design and assess the effectiveness of adaptation strategies. Computational output are validated against city wide observations.

The SBE group has or is currently involved in the following projects:

  • EMME-CCI – Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Climate Change Initiative
  • MESH – nature-inspired Modular and flExible Skin for High efficiency buildings
  • Green hydrogen for a reliable transition toward a carbon-neutral urban environment
  • Coupling climate change to urban regeneration for spatial and temporal variable heat mitigation measures
  • Nature-based solution for Mediterranean climates: Design, installation and assessment of a Modular Living Wall